why RTV coating?

Increasing the lifespan of all insulators 

Preventing electric discharge

Reducing the probability of failure and increasing the reliability of the network

Creating water repellency

Preventing electric discharge

Reduction of direct and indirect costs of the network

RTV coating


Ceramic and glass insulators are the most suitable types for use in the electricity transmission and distribution sector in the climatic conditions of our country. These insulators are widely used in the power grid. An efficient method to improve this type of insulation in wet and polluted areas is to use a coating on the surface of the insulation.


RTV coatings are used to improve the performance of insulators due to their high product quality, light weight, better volume/surface resistance, high thermal and chemical stability, low leakage current, and excellent hydrophobicity. These coatings with new and up-to-date formulation are an effective and satisfactory solution to solve problems caused by pollution of insulators in the long term.


In the presence of moisture, pollution creates layers and sediments on the surface of the insulators, which cause interruption of the electricity flow and disrupt the electrical network, and severely damage the equipment used. Due to their hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties, these covers minimize leakage currents and electrical discharges, and reduce the costs of maintenance operations and help to provide stable electricity in the network.

پوشش RTV