RTV coating 

To prevent contamination of electrical equipment in wet weather; No maintenance and surface cleaning after coating.

Features of RTV high voltage insulation:

1. Water repellency

2. High voltage resistance, good arc resistance, trace erosion resistance and electrical insulation.

3. High modulus, high strength, strong adhesion and high corrosion resistance based on conditions.

4. Resistance to aging, no peeling, no cracking.

5. No need for maintenance and cleaning during this period

6. Application of coverage in the shortest time

پوشش RTV

 PRTV coating 

Advantages of PRTV enhanced anti-pollution coating:

1. Ready to use, easy to use in different conditions (no need for solvent).

2. Excellent self-cleaning and long-term resistance against various atmospheric and environmental factors.

3. Long-term water repellency, suppression of leakage flow, discharge and flashover pollution.

4. Reduction of maintenance costs and losses compared to other methods such as washing.

5. Easy cleaning in case of heavy dirt deposits (eg cement).

6. Strong adhesion to insulation surface, high pressure resistance.

7. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

8. Useful life is longer than normal RTV coating. (at least 15 years)

Insulation with cover

On-site coating of insulation can be very beneficial for projects that use RTV temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Because the intended coating insulators do not need prior preparation such as washing and cleaning the surface and therefore minimize maintenance and shutdown costs compared to uncoated insulators. Insulators with RTV coating are coated in the controlled environment of the factory, and the product is ready for installation at the desired location with the guarantee of water repellency.

Coating process at the insulator production site:

1. Production of ceramic insulator

2. RTV coating

3. Cover inspection

4. Water repellency check

5. Proper packaging to prevent damage caused by transportation

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