About Moniran Niroo Sanat

We are Moniran Niroo Sanat, a knowledge-based company in Iran that leverages domestic expertise while also engaging in international activities. By providing services and products to distribution and transmission systems in the electricity industry, we help eliminate environmental pollution such as fine dust, salt fog, and rain by increasing the reliability, lifespan and cost-effectiveness of transmission systems. Moniran Niroo Sanat is a manufacturer of durable one-component room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber coatings for high voltage insulation. In our research division, we strive to excel in product quality, customer service, cost competitiveness and performance by utilizing highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel.

پوشش RTV

why Moniran Niroo Sanat?

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Why Us?

Our company is among the few manufacturing companies in the world in solving problems caused by environmental pollution in the electricity industry. We use the world’s advanced and up-to-date equipment with formulations to produce polymer coatings to secure the electrical industry’s needs effectively.

Why RTV silicon rubber?


Using polymer insulators ensures remarkable performance in high-voltage overhead lines in areas with severe atmospheric pollution. It minimizes leakage currents and flashover, thereby reducing operation and maintenance costs. The product used to coat these insulators is Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) silicone rubber. RTV contains mineral fillers. The silicone coating increases the hydrophobic nature of the insulation surface, thereby improving its performance in contaminated areas. With new and up-to-date formulations, these coatings have an effective and satisfactory solution to problems caused by long-term pollution.

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